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Thread: Arban - Trumpet method OK for treble clef Euphonium?

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    Arban - Trumpet method OK for treble clef Euphonium?


    I am just getting back into euphonium playing after a 54 year hiatus. (I have played trumpet occasionally in the meantime, but only very occasionally, so I am not a high-level player.)

    I happen to have a copy of Arban's Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet - an unabridged reproduction of the 1912 edition. Is there any reason not to use this as a euphonium method?


    P.S. I just played my first performance as part of a local city band. This was a few hours ago. I only had a short time to practice the pieces on the program, and the other euphonium player was unable to attend the performance, so the euphonium playing fell entirely on me. Talk about pressure! I made a number of mistakes, but I did get a complement from the band leader. In giving the complement I think the band leader was taking into account the facts that I am just returning to the instrument and only had a short time to practice the pieces, but regardless, I feel good about that.

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    Oops, I just noticed I miss-spelled Arban in the title of the thread.

  3. Arban's Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet i
    is fine for euphonium and browse the web for loads of free stuff

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    Wanting to wish you LOTS of encouragement ! I STARTED playing euphonium last spring after losing the use of some of my fingers to arthritis, and also began playing in an inspiring local community band.
    I’ve stopped mourning for time lost and focus on mastering a little (or a lot) more every single time I play, and that works for me.


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    The Complete edition is great!! It can give you a very solid foundation on technique, and has the little melodies in the middle to help you learn to phrase. The only thing you really need to add at some point is the range below what is written in the Arban. That may be required if you wish to get into advanced solos. And low range playing is actually good for your high range development! I often play low register stuff during practice to relax my chops, or to keep them from getting tense in the first place.

    When you are comfortable with reaching out a bit more, check out this video where I talk about "extending" the Arban book. It is great mental exercise (keeps the brain young!) and good for your chops:

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Dave, that's a great video.

  7. I use Arban's trumpet as well, having used it since Jr. High school, and now at 74 y/o. It's so versatile. Regarding David's advice on developing low range, I have found David Vining's Daily Routines and his Rangsongs very helpful for full range building.

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    The only caveat I might offer has to do with the text parts of the Trumpet Arban's:
    *Arban was a speaker of French, not English, so the vowel sounds mentioned in the
    trumpet version would be different for euphonium or tuba.
    *We would therefore also need a more open sound box in our throat than what the
    text in the old trumpet Arban's describes.
    *Having said that, my guess is that very few people read the original French text anyway.
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  9. I am quite late to this party, but I just wanted to drop in and add my voice to the chorus of encouragements! A year ago, I returned after 15 years, and it felt like a lifetime. I'm tickled by your courage to give it another go; I almost didn't have enough courage, but I'm so glad I did. I hope the music gives you as much joy as it does me!
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