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Thread: Euph Suggestions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davewerden View Post
    The suggestion above for a Yamaha 321 is a good suggestion and generally considered "safe" for anyone who does not want to be a pro player or serious soloist.

    Having said that, there are some newer (often original) solos that really benefit from a compensating system. Plus your Besson MAY be compensating. If it is 4-valve and compensating, it will have an extra set of slides coming from the rear of each of valve 1, 2, 3. If you are used to a horn like that, the 321 may feel limiting.

    The King 2280 is also a safe choice. It is non-comp, like the 321, but uses a large shank mouthpiece and has a bigger sound. There are well-priced examples of each in our For Sale section right now:
    The Besson model I play currently is compensating, and I believe it may be an older sovereign model, but i'm unsure on that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkernea04 View Post
    The Besson model I play currently is compensating, and I believe it may be an older sovereign model, but i'm unsure on that one.
    In that case, I would decide on a budget, and look for a used compensating euphonium. There are a good number of Besson horns from the past 50 or so years floating around. Dillon Music had a few several months ago, around 2000-2500, but they are all now sold. If you need to upgrade later, you'll get much more of a return on the investment than from buying a step up horn.
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    Hello BoneSullivan, a reasonably priced alternative to the multi-decade used Besson option may be the upcoming Wessex Sinfonico EP600H. This is a new hand-made eupo designed by Wessex and manufactured by hand in China.

    The instrument is discussed at:

    AEP600 is priced at $2995 for February 2020 deliveries, and you will find its home page at:

    David Werden's early impressions of a Sinfonico prototype are at:

    Regards, G.
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    I agree with the 2 suggestions above. Either a used compensating instrument or the new Wessex will satisfy you better if you have been playing a Besson (especially a Sovereign).

    One of our members has a used York in the For Sale section. The might also suit you, because it was the "next phase" of original Besson production, so to speak.
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