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Thread: WTB: wessex br-140 or similar 3-valve compensating baritone

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    WTB: wessex br-140 or similar 3-valve compensating baritone

    I love my Yamaha Neo but I've just started a brass band and I'm looking for a good instrument for our 2nd player! Wessex seems to be out of stock on their web site so I'm looking to see what's out there from a used perspective. Thanks!


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    Have you seen this one? It looks like a very fair price for the newer edition of the baritone I play, but I think it may be out of budget (nearly 3k):

    There is also a Jin Bao from China for $580 including shipping. At least one of our members had good luck ordering from China:
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    Thanks, Dave. I swore I would never own another Besson/Buffet Crampon instrument after the awful customer service I received from them on the multiple 2052 and 2056 I used to own. The Jin Bao is interesting but I would prefer an instrument that wasn't nickel-plated. I saw a lacquered one being sold by a dealer in the Netherlands for 250 EUR, but I'm hoping to find an instrument that I can get quickly.

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    Don’t know if the Schiller brand interests you Barry, but Jim Labbs has a few models according to their website.
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