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If you are looking for a professional horn, a Virtuoso is a great option. Many of the professionals that I respect and listen to have played with a Virtuoso. If you have the money for a Virtuoso, then I would say go ahead and get that over the mid range euphoniums. The reason I say this is that low and mid range euphoniums are not has well made, the material used to make them is not as good, resistance, tone, durability and intonation are also not has good as a top professional model. My only disclaimer to what I just said is that unless you are a serious euphonium player or a professional, you may not here all of the slight differences between the instruments. Most of the Chinese instruments have become good enough in quality that they will fit most players. Again, I hope this answers your questions. If you want any information about horns I have played or done research on, please feel free to private message me.
I think there is some confusion. I am not looking at a Virtuoso. I own a Willson 2900. I have not been clear.

In an earlier post you said the Packer 374 feels like a mid range horn compared to professional models youíve tried. Iím asking what were the differences you saw between it and the professional models.