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Thread: Durability of John Packer euphs

  1. Durability of John Packer euphs

    I'm looking to get a new euphonium soon (I'm currently playing on an american style baritone). One of the brands I came across is John Packer, and I found a few of their sterling model (JP374) on Reverb for about $2500, and a few of their regular compensating model (JP274) for about $1500. From my research I haven't really found anything negative about John Packer instruments, but I want to know how durable they are; I've heard that Chinese instruments tend to have thin silver plating and lacquer, and I want to know if this also applies to JP instruments. Also, is it worth it to buy the sterling model, or should I just save some money and go for their regular compensating euph?

    Are there any other instruments for about $2500 or less that might be a better value?

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    I own a JP274 and I'd say that they are heavy and well-built. But I think that you can spot the difference between its silver plating vs another brand like Yamaha (I had the EP100 and currently a 642 Neo). The silver plating doesn't feel cheap but somehow mine has this odd yellow stain or glow to it after tarnishing, while both my Yamaha horns just turn dull with tarnished spots when they do get tarnish. I don't know why that's the case, and I wouldn't say the yellow glow is something bad, it just looks different from what I've experienced with the Yamaha horns. But my JP274 is still relatively new, so I have yet to see the silver plating wearing off, so I can't comment anything further on durability and plating.

    Riki McDonnel used the JP374 and won a competition in New Zealand, if I remember correctly.

    Do check with the dealers to see if they offer a better price for the JP274 and JP374 Sterling!
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    Like Christianne, I own a JP274 MKII and have had it for a year now. It plays fine and I see no wear yet on the silver plating. And like Christianne, I'm considering adding a pro-level horn to my stable. Torn between ADAMS E1 SS just now and the Yamaha YEP-841ST. I believe the JP274 is a solid horn for a developing player. Ole Miss has it on their recommended list for lower-cost compensating horns recommended to their students.

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    I've had a 274 for two and half years, and I haven't seen any plating wear, and the rest of the instrument is solid and well built. Nothing about it feels cheap

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    I am an happy owner of a baritone JP 373 Sterling lacquer, bought used about four years ago. Apart the initial problems of intonation ( it was flat across the board and I cut all the slides), the instrument is solid, sounds good and well built. As far as lacquering is concerned, I can say that it leaves a lot to be desired: if seen from close up there are points, the most difficult to reach, with a coarse finish and, in the places where the hands rest, this has been consumed. Anyway it's a nice horn for the price. I highly recommend it.
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    I tried a Packer a while ago (brand new), and it seemed like a sturdy horn. It was heavier than my Willson 2950 for sure, but an adequate horn to say the least. The store had started looking into the Packers as their replacement parts were now stocked by one of the main parts distributor, which is a leg up on a number of other "professional" horns in that price point.

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