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Thread: Best Case for Adams E1?

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    Best Case for Adams E1?

    Wondering about the best case options for Adams E1 .60 Sterling Silver bell. I believe the Marcus Bonno ($750) XL model may be a good fit, but that's it. I'm not sure about other choices or even if the Bonno case at that size is the best. Any recommendations? Appreciate any feedback Adams owners can give.

  2. I have a Marcus Bonna case designed for Adams euphoniums, and it works great. It offers excellent protection while allowing me to tote my Adams over my shoulders. I recommend it.
    James Kircoff
    Genesee Wind Symphony - principal euphonium (Adams E3 Custom .60mm yellow brass bell w/ K&G 3.5)
    Capital City Brass Band (2019 NABBA 2nd section champions) - 1st baritone (Besson BE956 w/ Denis Wick 6BY)

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    +1 with the Marcus Bonna case. A nice, compact case, offering space inside for mouthpiece(s) and a few other things and a nice detachable folder on the outside for music and other goodies.
    John Morgan
    The U.S. Army Band (Pershing's Own) 1971-1976
    Adams E3 Custom Series Euphonium, Wessex EP-100 Dolce Euphonium, 1956 B&H Imperial Euphonium
    Adams TB1 Tenor Trombone, Yamaha YBL-822G Bass Trombone
    Wessex TE-360 Bombino Eb Tuba
    Rapid City New Horizons & Municipal Bands (Euphonium)
    Black Hills Symphony Orchestra (Bass Trombone), Powder River Symphony, Gillette, WY (Tenor Trombone)
    Black Hills Brass Quintet (Tuba)

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    Would it fit in this case ? Looks like a good price on a hard-sided, flight worthy case to me. I am not an expert on cases though, so YMMV.
    - Sara
    Baritone - 3 Valve, Compensating, JinBao JBBR1240


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