On Nov. 24th I was asked to play for the prelude, and also for 2 of the service's hymns.

The prelude ("Praise My Soul the King of Heaven") was arranged by David Cherwien for trumpet and organ, and I simply played the trumpet part as written. Because I'm sounding down an octave from a trumpet, I tried to add a little extra "point" where possible. I consider that part of the effort about 50% successful.

The opening hymn, "Crown Him with Many Crowns," was one that I have in my trusty hymn/descant collection by Douglas Smith (volume 1). I played the melody and the descant on different verses. For those who don't know, the books have the hymn melody on one line and the descant on another line, both in the most common key for the hymn. There is trumpet (Bb treble) book and a trombone (concert bass clef) book for each of the 3 volumes:


The sermon hymn was "What Wondrous Love Is This." Unfortunately, this one was not in my books. Somewhere, I can't recall where, I had previously found a descant for it, arranged by Smith (really more of a counter melody in this case). I played the into unaccompanied until the last couple bars when the organ joined me, which was fun. The euphonium fit that melody and range really well. I also played melody for the 1st verse. For the next verse I played I just used the hymn's tenor line, with a few passing notes added and a couple octave changes. Then for the final verse I played Smith's counter melody.

A member of the choir (smart guy, works for our State Dept.!) said that he would bet there were youth in the congregation that would decide to play euphonium based on this type of participation. I hope he is right!

Listen to the 3 pieces with the embedded player or through the link above each: