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Thread: Romera Anthony Caillet AC66 Mouthpiece

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    Romera Anthony Caillet AC66 Mouthpiece

    Hello Everyone,

    Does anyone have any experience with the Romera Anthony Caillet AC66 mouthpiece? It appears to be very similar to the Wick 4AL. Are there any improvements with the Romera design?

    Here's a more detailed description:


    Robert Pendergast, DM
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    Well, I am probably not big help since I don't have loads of experience playing the Euph.

    I basically have three mouthpieces, the AC66 being my main chops/horn adaptor. I got hooked because of the angelic tone AC produces with his AC66.
    Previously, I used a SM3.5. Sometimes, I try a 1 1/2 G bass trombone MP just for the fun of playing below pedal F which I can't with the AC66.

    Right now, I got infected with the need-a-new MP virus. The AC66 is a very fine piece of workmanship, but I believe its comparatively small throat (7 mm, this should translate to 35/128") might hinder the low range from being easy to play. I don't like the fourth between B above pedal Bb and E. This range is a lot better with the SM3.5, which I otherwise don't like too much because of its sometime hissy or fuzzy tone, and because it is a complete air hog with its 7.62 mm (19/64") throat.


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