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Thread: Considering ADAMS E1, SS bell, .6 thickness

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    Cool Considering ADAMS E1, SS bell, .6 thickness

    Have been thinking about this for some time. I've listened to Dave's E3 v E1 recordings many times over. To my ears, the E1 has an edge on personal appeal of the sound. Discovered E1 with SS bell recently available and I think I may take the plunge. We'll see.

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    One question I have, though, is whether the E1 model will cease to exist in favor of the E3 improvements. Any thoughts about that?

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    I seriously doubt the E1 will cease to exist. The first brass instrument Adams made was the F1 flugel. They now have F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5.

    It's possible the E1 will go through changes at some point if they figure out a better way to do something, but the same would be true with any model. There are people who prefer the E1 over the E2 or E3, so I'm pretty sure they will continue all 3.
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    I wouldn't think that the E1 would go anywhere. The bell is quite a bit thicker on the E2, and from what I gather, that's the main difference. The E3 looks to have a redesigned bugle for a darker sound. That's good if you want that, but not if you don't. They seem to be more along the line of options rather than a progression in quality or design.
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  5. The E1 is a very nice, clean, clear sounding horn that doesnt have the power or darkness of the E2 or E3. It is a wonderful horn for many types of ensemble and performance. I expect it to continue!
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    The E1 is a pretty different beast than the E2 and E3, and although *popular* opinion tends to lean towards the E3, I personally tried every horn in the Adams room at ITEC and loved (and ended up buying) an E1 over all the others. It's an EXTREMELY flexible and responsive horn, and depending on your playing level, I don't think there's anything you wouldn't be able to do with it. Honestly though it's like everyone on here says - it's all about what's the best horn *for you*.

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    Sean: Have you experienced any difficulty in "being heard" in wind or brass band environments or if you do, soloing in front of such bands. How about blending well with others in your section or in chamber groups?

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    I'm a section-mate with Jim (Snorlax on this forum) in several groups, and honestly I think that since buying my E1 we blend better as a section than we ever have (he can chime in with his own opinions as well). I also performed an entire brass band concert as the sole euphonium with no complaints from the conductor or audience about not being heard, so I don't think it's an issue! My E1 is a unique configuration though, so that may or may not play some part.

  9. The E1 has no issues being heard in an ensemble or as a solo instrument. It doesn't have as "big" a sound as an E3, and by "big" I mean "open and wide". The E1 and E3 are both well suited for any arrangement from wind band and brass band to solo and ensemble work.
    James Kircoff
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    That's a very well said description, James. After getting the opportunity to toot around on an E3 a bit yesterday next to my E1, I can safely confirm that while the E3 is a great horn, the E1 is undoubtedly the horn for me.

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