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Thread: Wessex Sinfonico

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    Here are my impressions of the ITEC prototype. It seemed very promising!
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    Having every confidence in your opinion Dave, I just spoke with Steve Marcus at the Chicago store and ordered one up. Surprised they are still open at this hour. This batch should be arriving mid-April, will be a great addition to present company of horns.
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    Looks like a neat horn.
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  4. Hey all, I was able to play test this euph after a masterclass Wessex was helping sponsor at the university I currently attend. It also sounds like it'll be staying here for at least a few days, so I'll be able to spend some quality time on it and hopefully give it a spin during my tuba-euph and wind ensemble rehearsals this week!

    If it all works out, I'll follow up with a more detailed post in a few days, but for now, my initial impressions are below, along with some info on the design I learned from Chuck, the Wessex rep there. This particular instrument I believe is one of the first of the production models.

    For background, I currently play on a Willson 2900TA-1 with a Wick 4AM, and I used a Wick Heritage 4AL on the EP600 (the only large shank mouthpiece I had with me in the moment).

    I found a lot of my initial impressions to match Mr. Werden's review from ITEC he posted: The response was great throughout the range, and it seemed to project very well. I didn't have a tuner with me, but nothing seemed noticeably out of tune to my ears.

    In regards to ergonomics, it's physically a large horn, like a Hirsbrunner or Miraphone M5050. However, it's much, much lighter than you might expect given the size, due to the sheet brass construction. This also contributes to the responsiveness of the instrument. The bell is also smaller in diameter (280mm on the website, about 11 inches) but with a wide throat. Despite the larger size of the euph, I didn't find it uncomfortable to hold standing up (I think the lighter weight definitely helped this).

    It sounds like it will come with the option of either a large shank or medium/european shank receiver, but I'm not sure if the horn would ship with both and you would be able to change them out yourself or if it would be something specified when you order. The one I tried had a large shank receiver installed.

    Lastly in regards to the finish, the copper highlights are indeed copper plate, but with a clear lacquer over those plated parts to prevent oxidation/patina.
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