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Thread: Shires euphonium

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    A couple pictures from DillonClick image for larger version. 

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    Having played examples of each, but never identical instruments with the bead wire being the only difference, I can't speak directly to what the soldered bead wire does on euphonium. I do however have some experience with it on trombone where some of the manufacturers make the same bell in both configurations. I'll share the descriptions from Edwards and Shires web sites:

    A soldered bell tends to have a very centered sound with a lot of core (fundamental). The articulations are slightly dampened and softer with the solder, while the sound is more direct and compact.
    An unsoldered bell
    has a very wide sound with more overtones. Articulations are easier with an unsoldered rim. More near feel is apparent with these bells as the sound is wider, which helps give the player more feedback.

    Soldered bead favors pointed articulations and centered sound, more stability to the sustain of tone.
    Unsoldered bead favors broad, wider, and more diffuse sound and softer, more covered articulations.

    I find their descriptions to be very accurate, although they are a bit at odds with each other with regards to the effect on articulations. I find Shires description to be more in line with my experience, but it's not a black or white thing - it's a little bit complex. The biggest difference to me is the way the instrument centers or slots, with the soldered bead locking in to a more stable feel than the unsoldered.

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    Thank you Barry, that clarifies it perfectly for me !

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    I tried both the 12' and 11.5' models at ITEC. They were both good but I enjoyed the 11.5' version better, I do believe it had a heavier bell. Outside of the Prestige and Yamaha 842 it was one of the best horns I played there.
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