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Thread: River City Brass video

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickF View Post
    I stumbled on this recently uploaded video of River City Brass Band. Pretty interesting where Algirdas Matonis includes the notes they're playing (Matonis and Ross Cohen) as they're playing. Even though it's a brass band, both TC and BC reading necessary.

    French Horns and Euphoniums = Most dominant band section:

    I believe the second euphonium player is Michael Dingfelder. I haven't met him, but according to his RCBB bio he's active in Beaver County, PA where I grew up. I've heard and thoroughly enjoyed the RCBB live on many occasions, and Algirdas produces a lot of great videos and other content.


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    Thanks for that correction! So sorry to get the name wrong. It is in fact Michael Dingfelder and I corrected the original post.
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