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Thread: Conn Connstellation on Reverb

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    Conn Connstellation on Reverb

    There is currently a Conn Constellation euphonium 24I or 25I with two bells as I understand it and also has a tuning slide mechanism for sale on Reverb. Iím not sure how to post it here.

    Itís condition appears to be quite good, judging by the pictures, but Iím not an expert with the Conn line. Wondering if anyone has an opinion as to whether you feel itís worth the asking price, there is a make offer tab as well. Thus one is selling for $1,495 by Nick Rail Music from CA. Dave, Doug and Barry, you all seem very informed as to older horns, any thoughts ?

  2. $1,500 for a 24I/25I with two bells in good condition is about the right price. I'd need to see the listing. You live in Massachusetts. If you are interested in a Connstellation at that price, I have a deal for you and I live in MA. Since you are in Holden, we could arrange delivery or even a horn audition and you wouldn't have to deal with the uncertainty. Check you PM's.
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    Sent you an email Doug

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    That's too new to be something I know anything about


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