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  1. Eastman EUM-621

    Hi Euphonium friends, I recently stumbled upon a horn known as the Eastman EUM-621. A fully compensating advanced level horn with a tuning trigger under the eastman name. It is not for sale in the US and I have never heard of this model. Does anyone have an info on this horn? Iím very curious

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    Are you sure you got the model number correct? EUM 621 is a non compensating Euphonium based on Google search
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  3. This EUM-621 looks like another Yahama 621 clone. There's an EUM-721 that's compensating, but I don't see a trigger mechanism on it. It looks like a Besson-style horn.

    As far as I can tell, the US-spec model number is 426 for the non-comp and 526 for a compensating horn with Yamaha-style tubing. A bit strange that the same company would have two different bases for this kind of thing, but that's what you get with stencils, I suppose.
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  4. I just figured out that itís actually a 721!


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