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Thread: Alto horn mouthpiece

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    Alto horn mouthpiece

    I made a great decision the other day, I purchased a circa 1930 Conn alto horn. It was just sitting on the wall wanting to come home.

    I got a mouthpiece with it, but it is not an alto horn / tenor horn mouthpiece.

    My understanding is that this horn has a conn #3 bore, which is 0.5 inches.

    Does anyone know which modern alto horn or tenor horn mouthpieces will best fit it (in terms of shank size)?

    The main ones seem to be:
    Dennis Wick heritage
    Dennis Wick classic series

    The yamaha 301 has a smaller bore than this instrument was advertised as having.

    I have also seen a post saying that a Bach mouthpiece was too large for an old Conn horn.

    The mouthpiece that I currently have is a patrick hybrid trumpet. It is great for the high notes, but its rim is really much too small.

    Any other impressions of these mouthpieces would be helpful, as they are not in stock locally, so I would have to order one.

  2. I will look in my mouthpiece collection and also measure my alto horns. If you have access to way of accurately measuring the inside diameter of the mouthpiece receiver, please do so and post it. (Any instrument repair shop or machinist should have a set of calipers to measure this if you do not.)

    Although they do not list an alto horn, this listing of receiver sizes on the Kelly mouthpiece website should give you an idea of what size your alto has if you have a variety of mouthpieces for other instruments to compare. In other words, which other mouthpieces go in too far or too little?
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    The bore of the instrument doesn't really have a direct correlation to the size of the receiver. If a trumpet mouthpiece fits, this is usually almost exactly the same size as an alto horn / tenor horn mouthpiece stem - so a modern alto/tenor horn mouthpiece will fit.

    I'd suggest that the DW Heritage is probably the best bet for an antique instrument like that. Antique instruments work best with antique mouthpieces, and they tend to work better with mouthpieces that are on the smaller side. The Heritage series has some facets in common with antique mouthpieces. I'd say to try a DW Heritage 3 or 4.

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    You might search for mellophone MP's as well.

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  5. I just re-habbed an older Yamaha YAH-201 student model alto horn belonging to the New England Brass Band. I purchased a DW 2 tenor horn mouthpiece that fits the leadpipe/receiver just fine.

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