I had a Soundwear bag before I bought a Cronkhite cordura bag. I BELIEVE it was the "performer" but I can't remember for sure. Here are a couple things from my own personal experience:

- I love the way the case opens/closes - I actually prefer how the zipper goes around the front at the bell area to the way the Cronkhite's zipper goes straight down the spine.
- LOTS of space for music/accessory storage.
- Good protection, but it's definitely heavier than a Cronkhite bag (you'll probably always sacrifice one for the other).
- Detachable backpack straps (I prefer to use a single strap).

- The metal hardware on one end of the shoulder strap eventually broke in half, so I had to find a replacement strap.
- The screw on my first valve slide water key "dug" into the lining of the case and created a hole in the lining/padding, which the entire water key assembly would get stuck in. I haven't had this issue with my Cronkhite bag, but I also have a different horn in it, so I'm not sure if it was the case's fault or the horn's.

Overall the case was a good workhorse, but it wasn't perfect. I prefer the Bonna case I got with my Adams (but obviously those are a LITTLE more expensive).

FWIW, if you keep up with Cronkhite on social media, they periodically do sale promotions - I've seen as much as 30 percent off before!