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Thread: A thought about being an Old Beginner

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    A thought about being an Old Beginner

    Something occurred to me as I’ve been practicing my lesson material this week, and I want to share what’s happened, in case it might be of use to someone else.

    Besides my long tones, lip slurs and Arbans , I’ve been working on Rochut Etude #2. It was quite a thrill for me to get it, and I approached it as a huge bunch of hard notes, some of them high, and played it that way for a couple weeks. I actually REMEMBER as a kid doing exactly the same thing when being given something new.

    In my last lesson, we worked on the first 8 measures, and after ignoring the interval between the first and second notes that I thought I’d spent a lot of time perfecting, my teacher said “Now just go ahead and blow through it”. I did, and it sounded like a euphonium!

    This week I’ve been “blowing through” the whole etude, and besides sounding like a euphonium, my fingers are no worse than they were when I was focusing on finger technique instead of tone. AN AHA MOMENT!

    Having played for about 8 months, I’m glad I rediscovered this sooner than later. I don’t know how many old beginners who are actively encouraged to fill the instrument with air, but I’m really glad I was!

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    Well said Ann! Bravo to you for working on the Etude #2.
    I too am an Old Beginner (after a long hiatus) and have noticed this blow through just recently after joining a newer and much larger band where I am the only Euph and have to work harder to make myself heard. Huh, - all of a sudden I seem to sound better :-).

    Happy Playing!
    Euph Loosh
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  3. Great story Ann! One is never too young or old to learn something new!!! Keep at it!!!
    James Kircoff
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    I have to add, in my lesson yesterday my very demanding teacher was impressed enough with my Rochut #2 to assign me Rochut#4. More rewarding and joy producing every time I practice.

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    I still find myself forgetting that, "filling up the horn with air". The bad habits just creeps up silently every so often and suddenly I found my tone suffering.

    Congratulations on the progress! Sounds very exciting indeed! I too was told to move on to another Rochut 2 recently. Currently working on #21. The more etudes I play, the more favourites I have I thought #15 was my favourite.
    "Never over complicate things. Accept "bad" days. Always enjoy yourself when playing, love the sound we can make on our instruments (because that's why we all started playing the Euph)"

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