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It's going. Currently I'm still flip/flopping back and forth between a Helleberg 120S and 7B. The 120S is wider and bigger inside, with a smaller throat, while the 7B is narrower, but has a wider throat. I get a much better sound on the 120S, but I can't nail the notes as well on the first try. I'm thinking about picking up a Yamaha 67C4, which is the mouthpiece that the horn shipped with. It's got a more bowl shape too it.

It is however a great horn. The valves were a bit sticky at first, but now they have really gotten used to moving again. I don't think it was played much in the past few years.
Might want to try a miraphone TU31 or Dennis Wick 3L really great pieces for smaller horns both Bb and Eb....