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Thread: Need help dating "Zenith" Euphonium

  1. Need help dating "Zenith" Euphonium

    A friend has an antique 3 valve euphonium Marked "Zenith" on the bell.
    The serial number is 75736.
    I am trying to find the year of manufacture. Any suggestions\help would be appreciated!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I've never heard of Zenith for a brass instrument before. But Whittle Music Company existed during the 20th century, although I'm seeing conflicting reports of just when they did business.

    I suspect Zenith is a name they chose to have stenciled onto brass instruments, which I assume were made by a standard American company.

    Perhaps if you give us more photos of the horn some of our members can make a better guess.
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  3. Sorry, instrument is 150 miles away and this is the only photo I have. I also think Zenith was the name they chose and they were probably made by Conn, King, Etc.

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    I don't know anything about it but Dave's thoughts about stencil instruments sound right on. I plugged it into google and found this:

    Which suggests they were made by Pan American (which was a student line of Conn) and then I found this serial number list for them which seems consistent with the Zenith serial numbers on the other page:

    So it seems like your friend's instrument would have been made in 1929.


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