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Thread: Hirsbrunner 479 Experience

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    Makes me think that Peter Hirsbrunner was using thicker metal? Otherwise, I think your Adams and his HB479 are the same architecture / design, right?

    Could be, but I'm not sure. Also, the E2 is not really the right horn to compare for a huge sound. I has thick metal, but the soldered bell rim and different bracing are intended to give it a more focused sound (rather than a large, broad sound). Ordering a custom E3 in yellow brass at .80 might be a closer shot.
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    My yellow brass .6mm E3 custom with a trigger and no AGR is 9.8lbs.

    I think thicker metal and more bracing could certainly account for .7lbs.

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    I just reweighed my Adams E3, Sterling Silver bell, .6 mm, trigger, AGR and no mouthpiece (I may have included this in the weight I gave in my review 3 years ago). It came in at 10 pounds, +/- .25 pounds. I need some better measuring gear, but pretty sure my horn is closer to 10 pounds than 10.5 pounds as I earlier stated.

    Just thinking about the weight, that makes my horn about $1,000 per pound, yikes!
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    I weighed my Willson 2900 and it is right at 10 pounds.

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    I get involved in this discussion regarding weight: the euphoniums you weigh are around 9/10 pounds. My personal Prestige 2052 is 11,13 pounds (5,05 Kg) with lighter caps and without mouthpiece, water collector and trigger protection. If you add these things and LeFreque plates do 12,32 pounds (5,59 Kg). I'd be curious to know if it's just my particular instrument ( German made, 2007), or other Besson Prestige owners have the same weight on the specimens in their possession( Besson indicates 4,7 Kg ( 10,36 pounds), the weight of the Prestige).
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