I use MobileSheets Pro to store/display/coordinate my music (there's a Free version that has a limit to how many songs you can upload, but nice for trying it out), and right now I'm on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5" which comes with a pen. I'm able to notate the sheet music fairly easily using the pen which is a plus, and I can take other notes on the tablet as well. I'm completely paper-free right now which is awesome.

I wear glasses but have very good eyesight with them on, so the size is not an issue, but it may be a problem for some. I sit the tablet on a regular music stand but if someone had to bring the tablet closer to see the music due to the smaller size, I'd considering purchasing a tripod which would eliminate the bulky stand and would allow for the tablet to be brought closer without any awkwardness.

My pedal is a Donner Wireless Page Turner which was about half the price of some of the competitors, and it works perfectly.