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Thread: Harry Alfords- Hungry 5 in Germany

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    Harry Alfords- Hungry 5 in Germany

    Hi Guys,
    Ive been trying to get my hands on this Polka music for a while and out of luck. Does anyone know where I can get it. Iam not collecting the books I really just want the music so I can get a "Bavarian Style" polka band started.
    Thanks in advance

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    Do you mean these guys? I have this LP, it is really funny.

    They weren't amateurs, rather most were San Fransisco Symphony guys. It is difficult to play in this style on demand...

    1966 Besson 181 highly modified New Standard
    1918 Hawkes & Son euph 3&1 original
    1917 Conn C/D/Eb mellophone original
    1915 York Bb tenorhorn original


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