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Thread: 51D but bigger?

  1. Thank you all for the suggestions! I will try to look into some of them but I don't think everything is easily available in Norway :/ But it's nice to know that there's plenty of options!

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    I would talk with or email Doug Elliott. Usually that's sort of a facile recommendation, but I think Doug could come the closest to what you want.


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    One more suggestion for you is the Parker Lance LaDuke model. My understanding is that it is a 51D depth cup with a 1.02 rim. it is stainless steel.


  4. I think what you want is a Hammond 11XL or 10XL.

    Karl Hammond used to design the Schilke pieces and he describes the 12XL as a similar but improved version of the 51D. The 11XL and 10XL are the same depth and cup shape but with wider rims.

    I just received a Hammond 10XL. It has the feel, sound, and rim profile of a 51D with a wider 1.03" rim (but it feels closer to a DE 104 to me because of the different rim shape). Dillon has them in stock.

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