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Thread: FS/ FT: Thein Bass trumpet

  1. FS/ FT: Thein Bass trumpet


    Maybe I'm looking to sell my thein bass trumpet (new york model)

    -Thein bass trumpet (New York model)
    -Year january 2019
    -4 valves
    -Tuning slide kicker for C and Bb main tuning slide.
    -Thein bass trumpet mouthpiece
    -C set tuning slides
    -Bb set tuning slides
    -Thein hard case*
    -Lot of other bass trumpet stuff (Partition, mute, mouthpiece, stand ect...)

    Location: Eastern Canada

    Contact me by email or PV for more information.

    I'm just toying with the idea of selling it, and only for a price worthy of the horn. If you are truly interested then you probably have a good idea of what it's worth. Send me an email if you would like to make an offer. ( horn (hirsbrunner or Adams + cash).

    Picture on request.

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    extremely fine instrument - I'd be very interested if I didn't already have an identical one!

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