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Thread: Which is the best-fitting gig bag for a British Baritone?

  1. Which is the best-fitting gig bag for a British Baritone?

    I'm looking for a gig bag to fit a B&H 155 baritone. I'd prefer one that fits the horn quite well.

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  2. I'm not too familiar with that specific model of baritone, but I know Gard makes a gig bag for baritone horn, and Tom & Will also has a bag designed for them. To be safe, you'll probably want to contact the individual companies just to double check their bags will properly fit your specific instrument.


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    It's not a gig bag per se, but I really like my Packer JPro 856. It's basically a scaled down copy of the marcus bona euphonium case to fit a baritone.

  4. I use the Gard bag. I have taken my baritone to England twice with the bag in the overhead. I have toted it all around England, Wales and Scotland on the London Tube, and trains.

    Pro: It is small, protects the horn VERY well with a bell insert and suspension system.
    Con: No room for music folders, a bit difficult to get horn in when new. Small pocket for mouthpiece and one or two bottle of oil.

    Due to its size, I wrap my glasses case in a lap towel and tuck it into the main part of the bag. One bottle of Blue Juice and the mouthpiece go in the outer pocket. I hang it upside down (bell down) with the shoulder strap when carrying for long durations.

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