I am finally trying to unload a bunch of pieces accumulated over the years. PLEASE NOTE: ALL MOUTHPIECES ARE EURO/MEDIUM SHANK THAT FIT WILLSON 2900 AND SOME BESSONS ETC. THEY ARE NOT LARGE SHANK (I.E., BASS TROMBONE0 OR SMALL SHANK (I.E., TENOR TROMBONE). Shipping is $5.

Individual Doug Elliott Stuff

Lexan XT 103 Narrow $45 (new $80)
J6E shank $40 (new $70)
I6E shank $40 (new $70)
K6E shank $40 (new $70)

Complete Doug Elliott Mouthpiece

EUPH 103 Narrow Gold Rim, H cup, H6Es shank $160. The H6Es shank has a narrower taper so that it fits further into the receive like a Wick shank . Gives a more open sound than the standard taper.Various other mouthpieces

Loud LM-20 $70. This is stainless steel and is similar to a Wick SM3 in size.
Silver Perantucci PT4B $30
Silver Dillon B3B $35. This piece was designed and sold by Dillon music. It basically has the cup depth, throat and backbore of the Wick SM3 with the cup width and rim of the Bowman BB1. Also, it is made of bronze.
Brushed Gold Mike Finn PS Solo $50. Has slight scratch on rim, but not on inner portion that contacts lip.
Gold Houser Art Lehman small cup $50 (Made and sold by Dave Houser. Don't be fooled by the "small". Is a large, deep cup with huge throat and backbore. Doug Elliott measured the rim to be 1.05 in.
Warburton Brandon Jones Signature Mouthpiece in Silver $120 (new $210).

Thanks for looking,