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Thread: A shout out to adult amateurs

  1. A shout out to adult amateurs

    Wanted to share a story. I contacted an older, retired amateur euphonium player in my local area this week that I hadnít seen in a while. We had a lesson together around 4-5 years ago. He had been away from playing for a long time and he had just purchased a new Besson Prestige. At the time he was still working out of the essential elements book 2 and had started playing with the local community band. I ask how heís doing, he responded that heís still taking lessons, playing in the band, and that he recently finished a music degree with Euphonium as his primary instrument!

    This is not the first time Iíve been astonished by the level of commitment from an amateur player (looking at you, DaveBJ). In my experiences with amateur players, there is often a drive and passion that I wish some of my college students (and sometimes myself) had. It always reminds me why I chose to be a musician.

    So anyway, a big Bravo to all the amateur players here. Keep it up!
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    Nice story Martin. Kudos to your friend for pursuing a music career.

    I didn't play for 33 years while working my main job with the FAA. After retiring I did pick up the euphonium again. I didn't go for a 'degree' in music but took some lessons and still trying to improve while playing in a couple of comm. bands.
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    That's really an amazing story! Thank you for sharing! As an amateur, it really is motivating!

    I've recently finally came to a point where I can comfortably afford to take lessons and have already booked a date for my first lesson. I am extremely excited and definitely hope to be able to grow more proficient with my horn. Maybe I could consider taking some kind of proficiency exam from Yamaha too, instead of a full blown degree, somewhere down the road.
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