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Thread: Willson Euphonium - Development History

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    Willson Euphonium - Development History

    Just found this little bit of history by Brian Bowman. It's always fun to hear these stories!

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    Fascinating! Dr. Bowman looking for the pre-Sovereign sound. The classic Besson sound.

    This video brings back memories of my student days at Michigan State starting in 1975. I donít recall what horns the school originally provided but they were probably those original style Bessons. Around my sophomore year the school bought 3 Sovereigns. I was given one as was Roger Behrend. The third if I recall did not play well at all. But Roger who of course was a Bowman disciple talked all the time about the new Willson which along with the Hirsbrunner were the first serious competitors to Besson. Itís the reason I ended up with my now 38 year old 2900S.

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    Not gonna lie, because people are always referring to the 'original Besson sound' I've always had that nagging feeling that I should buy or at least try out an old medium shank Imperial or New Standard to experience that playing sensation... sadly money is tight and my parents would slaughter me for buying a THIRD professional grade euph as a 23-year old xD


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