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Thread: Wessex 4Y euphonium mouthpiece apparent configuration

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    Wessex 4Y euphonium mouthpiece apparent configuration

    I have a Wessex 4Y euphonium mouthpiece that seems to be related to the tuba mouthpieces of Dr. Frederick Young. I find it extremely acoustically efficient, with great clarity, stability, and flexibility. The closest "feel" companion to it in my personal mpc stable is a Denis Wick 4ABL. Differences seem to be primarily in the "airflow", likely due to the more cone-like shape of the cup and the absolute freedom of the backbore. It has about a 1.03" inner cup diameter with about a .290" venturi, with apparently a "straight-through" exhaust system. There is one of these in my Besson 967 Sovereign now. HALLELUJAH!:

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    I just happened upon this post. I think no one welcomed you to the forum. Welcome to the forum, Carl!! I think we know each other. I played a little bit with you in a tuba/euphonium quartet in Denver back around 2000 or so, give or take a year. I heard you had moved to San Antonio, where my wife, Linda, and I lived from 2005-2010. I played in the Comal Community Band, and I saw you listed in that band as well.

    I bought a Wessex Dolce when I sold my Miraphone M5050 and was having an Adams E3 custom built. It came with the 4Y mouthpiece in gold (not sure if gold plated or something else). I played on it a bit to see how I liked it, but stayed with the Demondrae Thurman Warburton signature piece I had been playing with the Miraphone (I still use that mouthpiece to this day on all of my euphoniums except the B&H Imperial).

    If you are still playing in the Comal Band, I will see you next month (Nov) in New Braunfels for Wurstfest. I may be sitting in, also.

    John Morgan
    The U.S. Army Band (Pershing's Own) 1971-1976
    Adams E3 Custom Series Euphonium, Wessex EP-100 Dolce Euphonium, 1956 B&H Imperial Euphonium
    Adams TB1 Tenor Trombone, Yamaha YBL-822G Bass Trombone
    Wessex TE-360 Bombino Eb Tuba
    Rapid City New Horizons & Municipal Bands (Euphonium)
    Black Hills Symphony Orchestra (Bass Trombone), Powder River Symphony, Gillette, WY (Tenor Trombone)
    Black Hills Brass Quintet (Tuba)


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