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Thread: Differences between bores

  1. Differences between bores

    Hi Friends, was torn about whether to put this in here or the mouthpieces one but what is the difference between european bore and large bore? What are the dimensions of each?

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    It's more of a question of mouthpiece receiver size than bore size. For many years, most Euphoniums around had the "medium" or "european" shank, such as pretty much all Bessons. There were also some that took small shank, and others that take large shank. These days, most seem to be using large shank mouthpieces.

    You need to get a mouthpiece that matches the mouthpiece receiver on your horn. In general, it's a lot easier to find Large Shank mouthpieces than it is to find European shank mouthpieces, at least in the U.S.
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    Please see this thread in the Reference category for more details on dimensions:
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