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Thread: I'm cleaning my Yamaha 621 YBH and

  1. I'm cleaning my Yamaha 621 YBH and

    can't pull the 2nd valve slide. Is it just stuck or does it not pull? Thanks.


    Yamaha 621YBH

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    It should pull

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    Generally, if there is a pull ring, then the slide is removable. Pulling hard on the ring could cause it to pop off the slide, so you might try some penetrating oil to loosen it first. Other members have reported good results with PB Blaster.
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    Please be careful when pulling. I've seen too many euph's with the pull ring (or knob) broken off.
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    I've had success in putting an old sock through the tuning slide loop to allow for a better grip. You probably should do this only after using the penetrating oils mentioned above. If it's still too stuck, a trip to repair shop could save you from damaging your instrument. Once you get it off, use a silicone type slide lube (or even plumber's silicone grease) which will last longer than petroleum jelly.

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    also work it side to side as you're pulling it off, don't just pull straight. Once you get it off, clean any corrosion off the slide before reassembling. Don't apply too much force as it's not too difficult to bend and/or break things. Slow and steady.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhite View Post
    I've had success in putting an old sock through the tuning slide loop to allow for a better grip.
    This is pretty much the old home remedy. Sometimes it works, but it depends on "how stuck" the slide is. I have seen it result in putting a dent/crease in the inner part of the slide crook.

    FYI, removing a really stuck slide may require (a) desoldering and removing the crook, (b) (then for each linner leg ...) Soldering a mandrel of some sort into each leg, applying something like Kroil or PB Blaster over a few days, then using the mandrel to turn (torque) the inner slide free and get it out. After all that, you clean it up, and reassemble/resolder the legs/crook in such a way that the legs are parallel and work in the outer tubes, and you're done. If step (b) doesn't work to get the legs free, then "heat may need to be applied".

    This sounds like a hot mess, but it's typically trivial for a repair tech to do; and they do it a lot.
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