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Thread: Case for Wm. Frank Euphonium/Baritone

  1. Case for Wm. Frank Euphonium/Baritone

    Hi all,

    I purchased an old (Wm. Frank "Classic", serial no. 6886 puts it in the early 1930s) small bore Baritone/Euphonium at a yard sale a few years back and it's been sitting in bubblewrap in a box since then--it plays pretty well (only needed to oil the valves) but it didn't come with a case. My dilemma is this: is it a baritone or euphonium, and more importantly what case will fit it? It's a bell-upward horn, but the valves are on the front; while the average gig bag would probably work, are there any hardshell/polyfoam cases that would fit a horn like this? I avoid gig bags if I can help it. I've also attached this photo for reference.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Bell: 11.25" diameter
    Bottom bow to bell: approx. 28"
    Width near valve casing: approx. 12"

    Does anyone else have a horn like this (bell up, valves on front)? Any help is appreciated; I'd like to have a good case for it before bringing it in for an ultrasonic cleaning.

  2. That's gonna be tough. The best way with a non-standard horn would always be to take it in and try it out in various cases. Most euphonium "cases" are gig bags, unless you want to go for an MTS or something similar. However, doing that without knowing if it fits is always a risk, and the shipping is expensive.

    It does seem to be "about" the same size as a regular euphonium/baritone. U.S. instrument makers didn't really make that type of distinction in many cases. It looks to be conical bore, which would make it a euphonium.

    What's your budget for a case?
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