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Thread: Free Christmas Music for Concert Band

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    Free Christmas Music for Concert Band

    It's never too early to think about the upcoming Christmas concerts!

    In order to help organizations with limited budgets for new music, I've made two of my Christmas compositions available for free download. These were originally written for the Delaware Valley Wind Symphony.

    The first piece is a set of stylistic variations on Jingle Bells called "Jingle Variations." The second, which may be of more interest here, is a piece for low brass quartet (ideally, two euphoniums and two tubas) and band called "Christmas Tuben." Both pieces are for an advanced high school, college or community band - but are not terribly difficult.

    You can find more information on my download page at:

    The full scores and all parts are available in PDF format and computer-generated sound renditions are available. If you download, please see the printing instructions (especially for the parts to prevent bad page turns).

    Have fun with them!

    Steve Troy

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    Nothing chafes me like a bad page-turn. Thank you for taking them into consideration!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clayton M. View Post
    Nothing chafes me like a bad page-turn. Thank you for taking them into consideration!
    They are almost as bad as a two-beat mute change! I really want to smack composers/arrangers who do that.

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    If any of the tuba players here are also on TubeNet, can someone copy my original post over there? Might as well give them the same opportunity. You can also share with trumpet players, horn players, woodwind players, etc.


    Steve Troy

    UPDATE - was finally able to post this info to TubeNet.
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    It looks like the original "Christmas Tuben" parts file was missing the Solo 2 part in bass clef. I have added the solo 2 bass clef part - when the file is re-posted, anyone who has downloaded the parts file will need to re-download the updated parts file.

    The computer-generated sound files are located on the full score download pages - there is a button on the left side marked "listen."

    *** Update - corrected "Christmas Tuben" parts file has been re-posted. ***
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    While there probably won't be many Christmas concerts this year, I added a new piece to my free music download page - "Jingle March" - a quick little march that is my interpretation of Jingle Bells as if it was a march written by Sousa or King. It is available in versions for concert band and brass quintet. In the quintet version, the tuba gets to play some melody! The percussion parts from the band version can also be used with the quintet version should you care to do so.

    "Christmas Tuben" is still there for anyone who didn't download it last year, along with some other band pieces. As always, it's all free.

    Steve Troy

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    Very nice work, and offering as well!

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