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Thread: WTS Yamaha Neo w/Trigger $5500

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    *SOLD* Yamaha Neo w/Trigger $5500


    I am selling the Yamaha Neo w/Trigger I purchased from Brandon Jones as I need to sell both of my euphs to fund the new British Brass Band I am starting in Northern CA. This instrument is AMAZING - the intonation is astounding, the trigger is fantastic and the horn plays like an absolute beast. Someone is going to get a really REALLY good horn here.

    Shipping is going to be approx $300 via FedEx Ground to Continental USA. I will not ship UPS because I've only ever had them damage horns. Payment via cashier's check or Paypal or three Zelle payments or something. I am a regular here and have bought and sold horns here. I really hate to sell this horn but I'm excited about this new brass band project!

    Pictures Here:

    Comes with Hard Case and mouthpiece that came with the horn, Yamaha 51L. I can throw in a Yamaha 54 if you'd like, it's somewhere between a Wick 3 and 4 in terms of rim size but never felt quite right to me.

    Email jacobg at gmail
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