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Thread: Name that horn (lunch edition)

  1. Name that horn (lunch edition)

    Looked up and noticed this while eating lunch at the Fresh Market grocery store on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans today. Any clues on what this could be? There wasn’t a stencil on it from what I could tell.

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    This looks like one of those Indian-made horns to my eyes. The rounded ferrules and slightly wonky tuning slide lengths (notice how long the #2 slide looks) are typical of those.
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    Looks to me like a late 19th-century or early 20th century pattern, similar to what would have been made in Bohemia by Bohland and Fuchs for stenciling by any number of US importers. Check out this Champion Silver Piston instrument which would have been sold by Lyon & Healy in Chicago.

    Not exactly the same trim, valve buttons and some of the ferrules are a bit different, and of course the 2nd valve slide points out rather than down, but really close.
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