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Thread: SMUltraX cup depth: Baritone use?

  1. an update!

    following a good deal of practice, Iím still using the SM6 and am a lot happier with the tone Iím getting. I also play the bassoon and itís interesting to sometimes hear the ďreedyĒ quality the sound can achieve especially in the mid register.

    of course thereís always more practice to be done, but Iím really getting into the baritone ďfeelĒ and itís good to be enjoying it for what it is, rather than longingly gazing over at the euph parts and feeling thwarted!

  2. Baritones in a brass band serve a distinct purpose depending on which part you're playing. Your role in the brass band should be a factor behind which mouthpiece you select for your instrument.

    This write-up by the Dublin Silver Band does an excellent job explaining the role of each instrument in a brass band!
    James Kircoff
    Genesee Wind Symphony - principal euphonium (Adams E3 Custom .60mm yellow brass bell w/ Parker 4G Houser)
    Capital City Brass Band (2019 NABBA 2nd section champions) - 1st baritone (Besson BE956 w/ Denis Wick 6BY) and 10 piece ensemble (Getzen 1052FD bass trombone w/ Bach 1G)

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    I play euphonium (a beautifully reconditioned 1976 B&H round stamp Sovereign) with an Ultra SM4U-X while I play baritone (JP373 Sterling) with an Ultra SM5U or a Classic SM6B. I did try an SM4U on the bari but it just didnít work for me - difficult to hit notes cleanly in the upper register and too woolly below the stave, whereas I donít have those problems on the euph. As for Ultra vs Classic, I usually prefer the Ultra to fit in with the band, but the Classic gives more of a French Horn colour to the sound, which is ideal for the Rondo from Mozartís Horn Concerto No 4 - quite why Denis Wright decided to score that piece for euphonium is beyond me :-)

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