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Thread: Miraphone Euphonium for sale

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    Re: Mirafone EUphonium/ Tenor Tuba

    I have recently picked up the Oval Equivalent Euphonium model. 56-4 0 .Bell size and bores all match. This one is from the same era as the One posted here for sale and the one on the Brass Ark site.Are these instruments tuned to a higher frequency than American or British Euphoniums? I have a Mirafone 5V 5/4 BBbb Kaiser Tuba in Gold Brass and a BBbb Mirafone Contrabass Trombone. I have had to add additional tubing to both main tuning slides as they played quite sharp. I am also playing this Mirafone Oval Euph with the Main Tuning Slide almost all the way out. I have not picked up a suitable mouthpiece for it yet as I have only had it 2-3 days. I have had Trombone Colleagues join European Orchestras and they had to have their Tuning slides shortened to match the European pitch standard. Any comments on the Mirafone line of instruments and their tuning / use in American (USA) ensembles?
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    It's not unusual for european-made instruments to be designed to play at A442 but it's such a small difference that your tuning slide shouldn't have to be almost all the way out. My 56 tunes at 440 with the main tuning slide about an inch out, which is less than halfway.

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    This horn is still available... I'm open to negotiating the price... $3000?

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