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Thread: Lowest Euphonium writing for band you’ve ever seen?

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    It is confusing! First, your idea makes sense because of the context. I may have jumped to a conclusion. However, very often 8va is placed below a passage to indicate an octave down. 8vb is clearer when used. (Then there is an argument that either should really say 7va/7vb because you are moving up or down by 7 notes!)
    Thanks Dave. I had never heard that about 8va below staff vs above.


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    Ohh, Revelation is one of my absolute favorite brass band pieces.

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    It’s definitely an octave lower. My understanding of the dotted line is under the stave to indicate down and above to reverse that. The second euphonium part has a lot of straight metal muted pedals, and the 1st euph is largely open. One of my favourite Wilby pieces, it’s properly monumental, as you’d expect with a title like that!

    If memory serves I believe the piece starts with a pianissimo pedal Ab (treble) for BBb bass. There are also pedals for the cornets.

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