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Thread: New Wessex email addresses!

  1. Post New Wessex email addresses!

    In order to improve Wessex Tubas customer services, we now have a new email system with new 'musical' email addresses (I wanted these to reflect the spirit of the company and not be the regular boring business addresses).

    Sales and customer services - including to schedule visit to Chicago showroom -
    Three people will be monitoring this mailbox, so this is the best email to use for queries about Wessex products to get a prompt response. We have a target of answering all emails within 24 hours

    Technical queries and spare parts ordering (Chuck Nickles) -

    Shipping enquiries (to check status post ordering) and to schedule visits to UK showroom -

    Administration and accounts -

    Jonathan Hodgetts, President of Wessex Tubas -
    As I am frequently travelling and not online, you will be likely to get a more prompt response if you email

    Please, can you refrain from sending important business messages to Wessex by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, text messages or PM on this forum, as these can easily get overlooked with resulting delays in answering
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    Customer Services & Chicago Showroom visits:
    Shipping & UK Showroom visits:

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    Well done, Jonathan! I made this thread sticky so folks will see it at the top of the list.
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