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Thread: Etiquette in requesting lessons?

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    Etiquette in requesting lessons?

    Last semester, the lead euphonium player brought up that he's going to be in surgery. That and the recovery time will mean he'll be sitting out for the whole, next semester. He'd like to give me lessons while he's recovering, and I was happy to accept.

    It's now "next semester", and I ran into in public. He seems recovered. I admit, I completely forgot about his previous offer, a whole semester later! Also, I was expecting him to reach out to me about that, but am wondering if I was supposed to take initiative and reach out to him first? I hear in some music circles, reaching out shows you'll be more committed and less likely to waste the instructors time.

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    I would approach him casually and mention what he said to you, followed by something like "if you still feel like giving me a lesson I'm interested."
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