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Thread: Sam Pilafian died

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    Sam Pilafian died

    Tubist extraordinaire and apparently, to those who knew him, an all around nice guy, died this weekend. Like many, I loved his work with the Empire Brass, Boston Brass and, my favorite, Travelin' Light. I once attended a "Breathing Gym" workshop that he gave with co-author Patrick Sheridan. He was much more energetic at that time of the morning than anyone should have a right to be. He will be missed.

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    Yes, a real loss for sure. Mr. Pilafian was my favorite tubist to listen to. Just loved his playing with Empire Brass and more recently Boston Brass. "Baroque Brass" and "Russian Brass" are still two of my favorites.

    He will be dearly missed for sure.
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    On top of being an amazing player, he was just absolutely the kindest person. The best tribute we can all pay is to try to be a little bit more like Sam every day!


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