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Thread: 3rd valve tuning slide protector

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    3rd valve tuning slide protector

    Not sure where to post this, but curious to know if anyone has experience with some kind of protector that can protect the third valve tuning slide area from your left hand when wearing a watch.

    Attended my weekly brass band rehearsal and after the first piece, I noticed that my watch left a bit of a scratch on my horn (a new Yamaha 642 Neo). And yes, I did remove my watch at that point. So although I could do that whenever playing, I would like to be able to wear it as well. Any ideas ?
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    Some put their watch on the other wrist. I know Charley Highams does that.

    You could get some leather guards to cover the slide. I recommend LSCO (Leather Specialties Co.) My watch doesn’t come in contact with my M5050 because of the reach angle.


    image of LSCO guards on my horn:
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    Thank you Rick, I will make contact with them,
    Yamaha 642 Neo ST K&G 4D
    Wessex Dolce
    Conn 1922 Double Bell Bach 5G

  4. I have to take off all but my wedding ring when I play, for similar reasons.
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