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Thread: Upgrading my Euphonium

  1. Cool Upgrading my Euphonium

    I attended music college in the UK , quite a few years ago ! I majored on trumpet , then eventually on Trombone and Euphonium . I played and conducted throughout my younger years. I then went into teaching mainstream music. I have now retired and have much more time for playing ,especially the Euphonium . I now live in the USA - the West Coast and opportunities for playing with bands and ensembles are quite limited, nevertheless I am having a lot of fun and enjoyment practicing . I am currently rehearsing the Horowitz Euphonium concerto and have just been going through all the Steven Mead books, great fun! My question is , what Euphonium should I next purchase ?

    I currently have a Wessex Euphonium ,but I want to upgrade to a more professional model.As a minimum I want great valve action, a fourth valve not situated on the top with valves 123 and I also donít want a very heavy instrument . Obviously the sound and intonation must be good . I donít require a top of the range very expensive model ,but I do want a good instrument . Is the 620 Neno Yamaha a good possibility?
    Iím not at all up to date with the various Euphoniums that there are on the market, here in the USA or in the UK. Any help with my choice and also things to look out for and consider would be very helpful.I do want to try out at least two Euphoniums and my local music dealer has agreed to let me test drive my top two!

    I have enjoyed my time on the Wessex but now I need a good upgrade.
    Thanks in advance .

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    Hello WestCoast... turns out that at the end of May Iowa City will host what is likely the most important yearly conference for euphonium and tuba in the US:

    Most of the major brands and models of euphoniums are likely to be featured with live horns in the exhibit area or dedicated suites.... Will be a great place to do some serious cross-spot-testing of euphos.

    Regards, Guido
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  3. Thanks . Looks very interesting .
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