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Thread: King 1173 baritone

  1. King 1173 baritone

    I think I know the answer to this question, but I'm going to ask anyway, to confirm or correct.

    Is anyone familiar with the King / HN White 1173 4v baritone "Improved model"? It appears to be a small bore baritone, which I take to mean it's really stuffy with no low range to speak of. Is that correct? Are there redeeming qualities?

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    I don't know that model, but from the photos I'm guessing it is/was a typical American baritone/euphonium. The 11" bell is one sign. I think it would probably respond pretty well if the valves and body of the horn are in good shape.
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    It appears to be nothing more than H. N. White marketing of the 20's and 30's; no essential differences from the King American instruments we all know about.

  4. Well, as a follow up, I did buy the instrument. It was billed as a compensating euph, but it turned out not to be a compensator at all. So its going back. It has a nice sound, but over all its dreadfully out of tune. It has some nice features, like a water key before the 1st valve. I was hoping, just didn't work out. I never did find the model number on the horn at all.


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