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  1. Antique Besson Prototype

    Hello all! I recently came into ownership with an antique Besson baritone/euphonium titled "Prototype." Basic research I have done has led me to the understanding that the horn was a variation on their normal euphonium to give it a brighter tone, like that of an Italian flicorni basso. The horns in wonderful condition after I've been able to repair it at the repair shop I work at (more pictures soon I promise). The largest issue I have seen is that the slides seem to have had extensions put onto them. This has led to serious intonation issues (1&2 valve combination and 3rd valve are about a quarter tone apart), but the tone quality itself is incredibly unique. While I'm able to play with a much brighter tone than my euphonium in the middle to high range, I still get a rich tone in the lower portion. I will post updates with the overall progress of my repairs.
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    Slide extensions = high pitch conversion.


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