Hello all,

I've been a member for several years, but had to make a new account due to forgetting old stuff.
Due to an injury that will possibly have lifelong complications, I've decided after much thought to sell my Besson 2052.
I've had Bertha for about 10 years now. She got me through my Bachelors and Masters of Music degrees, had a few orchestral gigs (Planets), and brass band gigs. She's been sitting in her case for the past year now and it breaks my heart that i am unable to play her. She needs a proper cleaning being I am unable to do so.
I am asking $7,500 for the euphonium ($9,000 new), gig bag (about $150 new), stand I use (was given to me, unsure of price), practice mute ($150 new), straight mute ($150 new), and Denis Wick SM4U mouthpiece ($150 new) and bag. I also got the Steven Mead springs installed as well. It saves the buyer about $2,100. Price is somewhat negotiable. I'll drive it to you for free of charge to save delivery fees and hassle if within a 7-8 hour drive of Meridian, MS.

Here's the DropBox link to the pictures. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/heb16sa61...Q7eHVnpNa?dl=0