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Thread: A baritone? If so, which one?

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    A baritone? If so, which one?

    In checking a nearby music store, I find 4 baritones for sale, and a New Horizons Group to play in.

    Jupiter 462L. $549
    Jupiter 462. $499
    JW York and sons. $499
    Yamaha YEP-201 $999

    Any of these? None are the “front valve compensating euphonium” that I hope at some point to be equal to, but if one of these can get me started and be kept as a beater if I progress as I hope, i’m OK with the potential investment.

    Input is always appreciated.

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    Of those listed I would go with the Yamaha 201 (YEP-201). It is definitely a euphonium usually used by younger players but at least the bore is decent at .571". That price is about 1/2 of retail at WWBW store. The bore of the Jupiter is just .512 so is a baritone with a thinner tone. We had a member of our band play the 201 for many years before upgrading to the 642 model.

    Sorry, don't know much about the York and Sons.
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    JW York (not to be confused with the more modern York instruments which was a trade name of Keilwerth Schreiber in Germany) tubas are highly prized, but none of their other instruments are very well regarded. Regardless, an instrument from the early part of the 20th century probably has some charm, but isn't going to play anywhere near as well as a modern example. Jupiter 462 is really intended for young beginning students, as a smaller and lighter instrument for children to play and get started with.


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