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Thread: Water valve gasket

  1. Water valve gasket

    Through periodic cleaning, the glue holding my water key gasket in it's place has pretty much gone. I need to glue it back since the gasket is falling out from time to time. Will any glue labeled for metals work? Don't want to overthink this, but don't want to do any damage to the horn either. Also, I've seen an ad for a joykey, which is supposed to eliminate any need to use the water key with a wicking system. But it requires drilling a hole in the tubing which scares the heck outa me. Anyone familiar with the joykey?

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    Wow. This Joykey does appear to be wonderful. I am also apprehensive to poking a hole in my horn, but it might be fun to try on an old trumpet!
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    So how is that "wicking system" possibly effective enough to wick moisture at anywhere near the rate that it accumulates in a euphonium? I'm really skeptical about that. Also sounds messy -- especially if you have more than one. Another goofy idea.

    If you need to glue your water key "cork" (or, if you wish, "gasket") back in, just about any kind of stick-em will work. A lot of people use contact cement since it's easy and relatively inoffensive.
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  4. Thanks Gary. That's what I thought, but wanted to be certain.


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