I purchased this horn approximately 10 years ago when I was teaching full-time so I didn't have to use my Besson Soveriegn at school as a demo however now that I am retired I really have no use for it. It really is a very nice instrument. It uses a large shank mouthpiece and blows freely and in tune. I actually enjoyed the shorter valve action compared to my compensating horn. The silver plate is absolutely flawless and there are NO DENTS or DIMPLES. The silver could use some cleaning to make it look like new but it really is quite beautiful. The valve action is excellent and fast. After I had purchased this instrument for myself I ordered one for the school and is was not the same quality. Something had changed in the manufacturing - This earlier model is a much better instrument. The valve guide set up and solder work is far superior on this horn. The serial number is 46170 and the bell indicates it is the 1000 Series. I have the bar code tag that was in the case that says it is model number BE1065. New examples of this instrument are approaching $3000.

I am asking $1600 plus actual shipping costs and insurance to the CONUS