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Thread: Warm down ?

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    Warm down ?

    Wondering how any of you feel about “warming down” after an individual practice session or perhaps after an intensive rehearsal ? Pros, cons, recommendations, ideas, suggestions ?
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    I'm in favor of it if I have a chance to do so. Human runners and race horses generally need a "warm down" period after exertion. I figure our chops can benefit from the same treatment. Usually I work on longer tones in the low register. My goal is to eliminate any tightness I feel in my chops and to encourage normal blood flow as soon as possible.
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    All of David Vining's "Daily Routines" end in a cool-down page, long notes gradually descending to pedal C or thereabouts. If Mr. Vining likes it, there must be something to it.
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  4. I created a previous post Warm Down or Not might be worth a look


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